(It's all) about TRUST

After more than fifteen years’ experience as attorney and in-house counsel in international business environments, Trust Legal Services was established by me, Gwen Vriesema, in March 2015. Trust Legal Services provides legal services to its customers by means of interim assignments, legal project management and legal advice. Trust Legal Services is specialized in corporate law and contracting law matters, including international (cross border) and complex transactions. Additionally, Trust Legal Services is also very well connected internationally through a network of independent experienced law practitioners with whom i have worked very closely (often as direct colleagues) in my past practices.


Everything Trust Legal Services does is aimed at providing high quality legal services to its customers domestic or internationally and whether direct or through its international network:


We provide legal services that you can Trust !

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Interested in engaging or cooperating with TRUST Legal Services, please contact me directly by email or phone. A resume shall be provided upon request.



The TRUST Legal Services general terms and conditions apply to all services and work provided by or on behalf of TRUST Legal Services.